Saturday, 9 September 2017

High on organic carrots

Just a short and sweet one here, actually; a simple job that went perfectly fine and according to plan. And, of course, might have long term implications that will come back to bite us, but that’ basically a given at this stage.

But we’ll get to that later. Things had been going pretty well for us. While Tyler had been out of town, we’d been chatting enough for me to make it clear that I’d like a second date (or more), and that I’d love to see more of his yacht. Likewise, he said that if I ever should need to get anywhere by boat, then he’d be the man to speak to. It’s something I like the idea of. A cruise on a luxury yacht with my rich arms dealer boyfriend... I could get used to that.

Shortcut, in the meantime, had been engaging in a little bit of creative work himself. He’d been setting up a series of spy cameras across the golf course so that he could watch the players and gather intel on them. This is the sort of personal project that is insanely useful for us runners, and I have no doubt that it’s going to yield us some very good results, especially given the amount of work we’ve gotten through the golf club already.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

More strangeness from the sixth world, Daddy-O

Let it be said now that the sixth world is an insane place. But most of the time it’s a level of background insanity that you get used to and don’t really notice. Your neighbour is two and a half meters tall and has horns? Normal. The World’s richest man is a dragon? Normal. A guy who sees electronic spirits form computers and can interact with them? Normal. Or he’s off his meds. But you get the picture.

But even within this level of everyday insanity there’s a lot of stuff that’s just plain what the hell batdreck insane. And Runners get exposed to a lot of that. Our jobs will usually take us towards the most extreme ends of the world’s levels of crazy. And even then, we tend to be exposed to the more bizarre, even of only by accident, or as an indirect result of our activities. Hell, sometimes we’ll only see the crazy because we just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time because we were doing something gratuitously illegal or the like.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Guerrilla Gardening

The thing about Shadowrunning is that it i dangerous work. It’s also usually bloody and horrible, and dealing with the worst that Metahumanity has to offer. But Every now and then you have a run that is strangely enjoyable, even if in the most unexpected ways. And some days you find that members of your team have skills that might not seem useful at first, but in fact become vital to your success.

The last Run I went on was a lot like that. It was good for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that I got to introduce Shortcut to the rest of the team.

It started off when Shortcut was approached for a job at the Golf Clubhouse (great place to network, by the way, even if the crowd is excruciatingly dull). A massively bloated Mister Johnson was asking if he wanted to do some work of a less then legal nature. Shortcut agreed, and then scored points by fake knifing him in the back, much to the surprise of him and his Ork bodyguard. A few calls later and me, him, Abbey, Freddy and Neon were in the club, meeting the Johnson.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Never deal with the minions of a Dragon either

So I think we all were in a bad mood after the whole debacle with Ares Johnson and the bugs, not withstanding Freddy having a new toy to tool around with. So there was a lot of blowing off of steam in the aftermath, with some of us letting go and trying not to dwell. Oh, and Freddie spending his time messing with the new plane. See? I told you.

Oh yeah, a Dragon had flown into Seattle and made a big show of it. I should have mentioned that last time, but what do you know, I was in too pissy a mood to mention it. However, Seattle’s runner scene were basically going crazy trying to figure out who this guy was and what he wanted. Because Dragons are basically bad news incarnate.

I decided to take Cwildred out for a night of partying and dancing, seeing as I owe her big time for all the mad biking skills she taught me. So basically the pair of us were bouncing from club to club and event to event and having a great time. We were enjoying ourselves, forgetting our worries (bugs, corp politics, creepily possessive older brothers) and instead getting a touch drunk, dancing and ogling cute dumb elf guys with tight butts.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Things not to feed to cows

So I say that I’m done taking jobs for Ares Johnson, so naturally I took a job from Ares Johnson. Its how the world works.

The job in question was, simply put, a complete nightmare. It was a mess from the very start and only snowballed from there. I’d like to think that something came from it, but really, apart from the Yens, nothing is coming to mind.

Anyway, to get back to what happened: Ares Johnson asked for a meet. That at least was an improvement over his prior habit of walking into our home and making a public nuisance of himself (Yeah, it looks terrible when a Suit walks into your place of residence and trashes your street cred to boot). And it was at a Steakhouse (Ares Johnson, what a surprise) so there was some good food on offer.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Shortcut: knives, magic and golf carts

Given that Shortcut has been on two runs with the team now (even if the team was just me, him and Neon) and is likely to be in a few more at least, I figure it’s about time for me to collect my thoughts on him. And like I said, he’s a better mage then Captain Cancer, which is also a plus in my book. Unlike some others, Shortcut (or Glen Quarry to give his real name) didn’t really come into Shadowrunning, Instead, it sort of came to him.

I don’t know much about his past and how he got to where he is right now, but there’s a few interesting things about Shortcut. The first is that he’s one of those stupidly rare types that are not only awakened, but poses spellcasting abilities and adept powers. How this happened and where he learned to use said abilities I don’t know as yet, but there’s probably a fascinating story involved.

Coffee machines, ground pentrating radar, gangers and other inconveniences

Sometimes you have to do a job in a hurry, with little time to plan and a lot of making it up as you go along. Jobs that are favours to friends/allies/contacts/whatever else are often of this type; they need something done in a hurry and they can’t do it themselves, so they have to turn to you. This sort of thing rarely pays well, but instead often comes with other benefits like favours in return. It’s the underground economy part of the underground economy.

I got a call from Cwildred because she needed help with a problem. It was small for them moment, but had the potential to blow up into a huge mess. I agreed to help her out because a) she’s a friend b) I owe her for all her awesome combat biking lessons and c) it’d mean getting on the good side of a massive nationwide gang who have fingers in all sorts of different ventures. See? Favour for favour.